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Your Soul's Journey

You are truly your soul. Your soul has chosen a specific physical vessel aligned to your vibration for this life. The physical vessel is like a biological form run by a biological computer – it is your computer and it is part of your life experience to recognise it as only a computerised function and so take control of it by using your true will of consciousness.

Your true will of consciousness is the vital link to your soul via your heart centre. All is possible through your consciousness – it offers you limitless and boundless potential.

What a Life!

If your computer is not under any control it is perfectly able to create havoc in your life as you find yourself fighting its automatic responses on a continual basis. Quite exhaustive, it’s an energy taker.

To begin to take control you need to recognise and accept what you are dealing with. It has no reality other than what it has stored in the subconscious via what it hears and sees (smells and tastes) therefore it will act at every opportunity and have you reacting negatively to all those you see and hear around you and block your progress. It is an endless chatter machine too. That is until you control it via commands at will.

Your computer can become extremely full of itself! There can be little positivity held in there especially if the ego has a grip and uses that as a forceful controlling element (plenty of those types around.) In many cases suffering a negative thought programme can leave one vulnerable to the influence of lower astral forms/entities attaching themselves to the Etheric field surrounding the physical form. Hence the greater need to get help clearing them, yet without recognising the real reason why it is happening and how to make changes they will almost certainly keep reappearing.

It is part of your soul’s mission to seek awareness whilst in your biological vessel, and learn to take control, overcoming all the blocks that have up until now enslaved you (no one can do it for you) before successfully communicating with and joining the subtle higher realms of existence!

With my love