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Your Spirit/Soul is non-material, non-physical. Your Spirit has an infinite existence that transcends space/time and all physical matter – you are pure consciousness – a completely non-material conscious self that has come down into a physical vessel – the human body. You then become associated with matter and utilize that vehicle.

Your Spirit/conscious self always has its own independent existence. In other words there is no consciousness actually produced by the human brain, and we all have to learn how to communicate whilst in the confines of our human bodies during waking hours. Whilst our physical bodies sleep we are able to travel anywhere, and enjoy existence transcending matter.


9 Dimensions

Earth has what I call a layer-cake of 9 dimensions and the veil between them and us is rapidly clearing – we will all see an increasing number of signs, offering Humanity an opportunity to recognise that the ‘time is now’ and instinctively adapt to the alterations as they unfold geologically, economically, politically and socially.


Thoughts Open Doorways!

Our thoughts continually send out waves, waves that now – thanks to the changes in the Earth’s magnetic field - ‘attract’ the opening of the dimension most suited to our level of perception, our belief system and our understanding on a ‘like-for-like’ basis. Highly significant effects will continue to take place in our physical reality – what we see, feel and hear – as thousands then millions begin ‘seeing’, taking photos and shooting film in an effort to recognise and make sense of what is happening. Discernment is vital.


As the Dimensions open

Transparency will increase exponentially – all truths will be revealed, leaders will fall, and the disintegration of the corporate and social system in its many forms will be evident. Society in its current form will dissolve.

Undoubtedly it will bring out the very best and sometimes the worst reactions in humanity.

* * *

Soul groups of ‘high frequency’ experiencing physical life today have an inner-knowing of the greater truth of our existence, and have chosen to be here at this time to benefit and assist people through the transitions coming about on Earth, especially during 2015 - 2018.