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Interdimensional Visitors

Truly exciting evidence is appearing before our eyes.

I have been speaking about the changes taking place in and around us for quite some years now, and as we move through the Cosmos so these changes are becoming more widely evident. The sun has been getting hotter and brighter to the human eye. Most significantly, our planet's density is lightening and you could say becoming 'transparent’, causing dimensional overlays to become more apparent. This really began in 2012 and since then has been increasing continually as more of us will observe and experience.

In my thoughts I have been keenly requesting further knowledge, and have not been disappointed – exciting happenings have been taking place in clear view around us, with clients and friends sharing their experiences and evidence on film, which have been especially triggered in their consciousness after staying at our home. And then Andrew my husband, who is always seeking evidence, unexpectedly caught sight of some incredible 'goings on' whilst we were out walking the dogs, some of which (thanks to my rushing back to get the camera) was caught on film: absolutely staggering footage of what we believe was a dimensional shift taking place right before our eyes that lasted some 20 to 25 minutes.

Here are 5 different examples we are happy to share:

1 - A friend had a blue ‘disc’ following her around outside. She could not only sense its presence but could also see it physically. I suggested she ask it to come closer, and as it did so it seemingly shed a skin! Here are 3 stills from her footage:

2 - A diagonal beam directly touches the small pond in our garden: 

3 - An egg-shaped pink energy in front of a plant in our garden, invisible to Andrew’s eye when he took the photo, four feet away from him:

4 - In a nearby field an ‘inter-dimensional shift’ took place and this object became evident, flashing one or more bright red, green, white and blue lights and then continually morphing into differing shapes and sizes as it moved way across the field:

 There are a number of dimensions (some say 12) that are fully connected to planet Earth. Witnessing the unusual clearly demonstrates the lifting of the veil between dimensions as the 3rd dimension we are currently in becomes a higher frequency, enabling our consciousness to expand and give us the ability to communicate and receive communications highly benefiting our progress whilst in the human form. This will leave those who have selfishly chosen to keep all of this 'hush-hush’, obviously frightened as we wake up to a greater truth of what is 'out there’ in here!

There was a time when such dimensional shifts would only have been sensed in ‘spooky’ places like haunted houses or castles, accident black spots and battlegrounds. Not so any more. As I have been saying and many are now realising, if you are open and ready you will see; dimensional interfaces can and will occur in full view.