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Spiritual Unity ?

I believe this is possible, in fact it's imperative if we are going to succeed in achieving peace and goodwill towards others. After all, contrary to some teachings, we are all connected in a oneness and in resonance with the earth's frequency whether animal, vegetable or mineral.

What makes people unite whether in a village, town, city or country? Whatever the answer, it is the same on a global scale and possibly even in the realms of the planetary system. The reason I talk of people is because that is you and I. We are the ones that can and will make the difference.

There is a wonderful saying 'when the people are ready the leader will be there.' Yet the more we see and hear through the media the more it's worth questioning what we truly 'need' or wish for and should be seeking in such a leader. It's interesting that there has seldom been a leader who has the attributes that would truly guide us towards the peace and contentment we all dream of!

Imagine just for a moment someone who really did connect with our better thoughts and our passions with honesty and openness - a person with integrity, understanding, empathy, love and (most of all) spirituality. Someone who naturally seeks to work with the common thread that runs through us all, through each and every race and nation.

Can we find one? We are all instinctively close in our understanding of our own tribe - our family - and if that is not available we seek values elsewhere, within a group or gang, without which we become isolated and inward. Yet whatever the tribe we still have an awareness that our own identity and personal actions and reactions make a difference to those around us.

The significant factors in this seem to me to be the current desperate human need for sensationalism and role models, where the media shows an uglier side. News never seems to be so now unless it's content is ever more shocking, frightening, disturbing or alarming regarding world events, or dealing cruelly in gossip about the rich and famous A-Z list of celebrities who by their very ongoing existence in the media become role models for their budding fans. And when it comes to the shocking - the most deeply upsetting news in both visuals and sound - sadly we now very quickly become saturated, numb and immune to its effects until, quite naturally, it is all too commonplace to affect us. By then it's someone else's problem, not ours.

Negativity breeds such extremes, and I believe all extremes destroy any chance of spirituality. My understanding is that if you push people into a 'no hope' situation by constantly feeding and whipping up their fears, it creates a great sense of hopelessness so that, in time, they lose their identity and become even more desperate to seek a leader or role model they can look up to and follow - whether political, religious, sporting, social or otherwise. And we have all been so busy living our own lives that we haven't noticed what has taken place before our eyes - that, simply because spirituality has been lacking, these 'role models' are now being followed by thousands if not millions around the world. The trends in parts of Asia and the Middle East are similar and more and more affecting communities across the western world and indeed the globe. Born out of desperation and a desire to belong, to be noticed and seek identity, they challenge democracy and freedom.

So what can we do? Well, we could start by bringing back spirituality into our lives, and with it our sense of self-worth, believing enough in ourselves as individuals to speak out and seek the perfect leaders in our towns, cities and countries, demanding to find the ones who can communicate between the tribes, races and countries and who understand the 'spiritual' common thread - a global desire for peace through social, economic and political reforms. The goal being to decrease world tension, and restore a sense of caring and sharing.

When we truly come together in this task I believe we will alienate not only those who lead with greed and ego for power and wealth, but also those who lead through hatred, death and destruction, all of whom contaminate our lives like a virus.

When people feel less threatened there will be less crime.