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Spirit and Soul Energy

 My gratitude to Rachelle Rodriguez and Misty Carr for sharing this most intimate moment. 


This photo is absolutely wonderful. Taken by a family member of her grandmother who is going through the last period of her life. She felt an 'impulse' to take the photo - often received through telepathic transmission. I sensed very strongly that there are 2 people, one man and one woman in this golden energy field who have purposefully come through to our physical dimension to watch over her with great love. They are here to assist her passing over with a smooth transition to join them. It is worth noting that this happened on the anniversary of her husband's passing.

* * *

With excitement Malissa kindly shared this photo, one image from a series of seven, and this one really stood out.

It was taken a few years ago on a road trip from Seattle WA to San Francisco. Whilst camping at the Clear Lake campground in CA, Malissa's husband Christopher made up the camp fire then took a photo of Malissa behind the flames. This is what showed up - a Native American face with a headpiece on - incredible!

I sense he was a Chief of some high spiritual standing amongst his people and is still acting as the overseer of this region. Anyone with knowledge of the history in this area may be able to share further information.