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I have been doing more and more of my work on Skype over the past 3-4 years and have found it to be extremely powerful for receiving communication from Spirit. It is as though the recipient and I are in the same room and space, with no distance between us, and once we are 'linked' this way for a face-to-face reading everything simply flows in and the perfect connection is made.

Having said that, I still like to tune-in for an hour beforehand to gather information on what the caller is seeking to know. I write down what I have received and go through it with them when we speak - everything works brilliantly. I often turn my camera off for a while once started as I am inclined to go into 'trance', but with the caller being in front of me on camera somehow it allows the communication waves to transmit to me as the receiver just the same.

Skype is superb for me as it means not only can I 'skype' with people all over the world, but do all my training sessions this way as well. So why had I not done it this way before? Well, I just needed time to gain confidence and trust Spirit!

If you are interested in a Reading, please contact me via the Contact page or by emailing me on [email protected]