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 'Psychic Success' Messages

A Wedding

One day Linsey, a girl I was working with, asked me for a sitting. During the session she heard that “That very year, in September, she would meet a man in the most unexpected circumstances – when least expected – whom she would marry the next April.” She was then told “This relationship would change her life, benefit her health, they would have their own home and two wonderful children.”

By her own admission Linsey came from a poor family in the East End of London. She lived with her parents and their home had one of those outside toilets you now usually only read about, and if they wanted a bath they had to bring a tin bath in from the back yard. Her father had been laid off work so she’d come to London’s West End to work as a receptionist in order to earn enough money to keep them all going. She was in her twenties, but had been diagnosed with chronic arthritis at the age of eighteen and since then had been in constant pain.

After hearing her session she laughed, saying it was ‘impossible’ for such a ‘miracle’ to take place – she never had the chance to meet anyone, let alone someone sounding as amazing as that…. All she did was travel by bus and train for one and a half hours to get to work, carrying her sandwiches, and then take the same journey home again. What could I say to make her believe otherwise? – I couldn’t, but the huge energy rush I’d received in her sitting caused me great (and silent) excitement on her behalf, so all I could do was tell her to let it go and trust.olbar.

What happened?

One night in September Linsey had taken the train home as usual but this time it broke down. Three hours later she got off the train to stand in the pouring rain waiting hopefully for a bus to turn up for the last part of the journey home. After an hour she was still there, thoroughly soaked, tired and miserable. Then out of the blue a police car stopped. The policeman asked her where she was heading, then offered to take her home. Needless to say she gratefully accepted and…. the rest is history!

I was deeply touched to receive an invitation to their wedding the following April and wouldn’t have missed it for anything. For many reasons it’s become one of the greatest experiences of my life. Not only had I never imagined what an amazing experience it would be to go to a true, proper, no-holds barred ‘East End’ wedding, but also because I was then ‘honoured’ by all of the family for the ‘message’ that I had been told to give her.

And it got better still. They subsequently bought their own home, and have two beautiful children while Linsey’s arthritis became very much a thing of the past. And however many weddings I’ve been to since, through the wonder of the advanced ‘message service’ this one gives me the warmest glow in my heart and soul.

* * *

A Birth

Jen came for a sitting, during which the message was given “she was soon to be pregnant and would have a beautiful baby boy. His name will be Hugo. The man who is the father is not for her and will not marry her. There is a new relationship coming in as soon as Hugo is born. You will meet socially through a friend. A good-looking, charming man whom she will really love. He is the man she will marry and they will then have another child, a daughter, and live in the countryside.”

Jen was utterly shocked at the message but luckily had a great sense of humour so both of us made light of it – it wasn’t what she imagined at all! But nevertheless she wanted to stay in touch so we agreed to meet for lunch every now and then.

What happened?

That same year she became pregnant, so our lunches became far more water than wine! Hugo was born and I became a Godmother. As told to her, Hugo’s father had by then bowed out but within a month of Hugo’s birth she had met George. She married George the following Spring, she fell pregnant again and had a wonderful baby girl. They now have a very full lifestyle, happily ensconced in the countryside.

* * *

A Very Bad Feeling

Clara ‘phoned me late on a Monday. It was at the end of her first day in a new job. She told me she had three Directors to work for, two of whom were great but the third one, the Finance Director, was very weird indeed and she didn’t think she could work with him at all. Please could I help?

I tuned in and was given the following message. “Don’t worry Clara, he won’t be there. Don’t ask why, just understand there is no problem, you will be fine. The job will be very good for you and will give you the experience you need before moving on to your dream work”. Then ‘I’ added that while relaying the message I’d had a very bad feeling about this guy, one which was making me feel ill, so I was sorry but I couldn’t tell her any more, she just had to trust.

What happened?

The Friday after, Clara phoned me. “You know that guy that made you feel ill?” she said. “He threw himself under a train this morning”.

* * *

Football Crazy

Mary had been recommended to me by a friend. It was a long journey for her so she was a bit frazzled on arrival. I let her relax with a cup of coffee and warned her she could only talk about the traffic and the weather as it is best not to know anything before you start, for ‘them’ as much as for you.

No two sittings are ever the same and this one was no exception. Before I could even sit down and tune in I noticed a spirit person walking around the room, obviously very keen for me to get started. So I quickly began. In the session he introduced himself very clearly as ‘John, her husband’ and one of his messages was “your ring will be there when you get home”. After tuning out I was aware ‘he’ was still very much in the room and was not about to leave!

Mary however had already stayed too long and was by now in quite a rush to get home. But as soon as she got up ‘he’ started playing football – for me the whole room had become like a football pitch with him happily dribbling the ball up and down.

I had to tell Mary what I was seeing. She burst into tears and told me that her husband had been football crazy. And with that ‘John’ then blocked me going to the door to let her out and instead kept repeating “Ask her about her eye! Go on ask her!” I told him it was no good – Mary was late and she had to go. I managed to get the front door open for her but then, because he hadn’t stopped shouting to keep my attention, daring me, I eventually said “he tells me I’ve got to ask you about your eye.” She stopped, calmly looked away and said “Yes, I have a glass eye.”

Now this was something I’d never notice, so I don’t need to tell you how small I felt at that moment. In my embarrassment I scolded her husband instead, telling him that if it was at all possible I would have hit him. He thought it was a huge joke. 

What happened?

Mary phoned me. When she arrived home whilst standing over her kitchen table suddenly the ring she had lost landed right in

* * *

The Music Guy

His LA agent knew me well and had made the appointment for him. He was a famous lead singer in a well-known band. An hour or so went by and he left. A year later he came back and this time he told me that he’d been really freaked out by what he’d heard before. I always tape my sessions, and in his case, that last time, he had personally unwrapped a brand new tape and put it into the machine.

What happened?

Later when he played back the tape he heard the most amazing music, running in the background all the way through our session. He loved it so much he wrote it all down and used it in his next album. How cool is that I thought!