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The following extracts are from ‘Brighu Naadi’ readings inscribed in old Tamil on ancient Palm leaves held in the Madras library, as read in September 2001 by Ganesha Babu Shastri. See for yourselves the accuracy of the prophetic passages:

"... On the eleventh day of the ninth month of 2001, according to the western calendar, there will be a crime without precedent. The crime scene: a most important city of the east coast of the northern part of the US continent. The goal of the crime will be a great building, considered a symbol of the western world. The construction consists of two high towers. These towers will be attacked by vimanas (i.e. airplanes). Two of them are flown directly to the towers and cause huge damage. The Towers tumble, however, not due to the vimanas impact, but from deliberate, targeted explosions inside each of them. In the attack die thousands of persons. Millions of people worldwide will be shocked by the unheard offense. In the capital city of the country, the High Command military forces headquarters are attacked by a heavenly arrow (i.e. a missile or rocket). The public will be informed that in the building there will also be found a vimana (i.e. an airplane). However, it is not true.

Similarly, a false report says that hostile warriors abducted one viman crew. However, passengers offered resistance and the vimana eventually falls in some uninhabited area. This vimana will actually be a shooting rocket, close to the summer place of the ruler of the country. The ruler of the state shortly afterwards accuses the conspirators of the Arab ‐ European countries of the attack and proposes a war; this threat comes a little later. He will be aware that the allegations raised are not based on truth. In fact, he will know in advance about the attacks, and on the preparations involving people in the area.

The crime will not benefit the conspirators but as for himself, the people will be doubtful whether his coming to power was done in a legal way.

After the attack however, this issue will not be addressed. The crime will fulfil its purpose. Rulers of the powers will have the opportunity to unleash several other wars, designed to promote their own power interests. These wars will be held seemingly in the name of peace, security and freedom.

On the seventh day of the tenth month of 2001, war will begin against Afghanistan by deploying a large air force by the ruler of the United States to justify the fight for freedom and security of their country. In fact, this is so that the U.S. gains control of the land and its resources.... Afghanistan is a country torn for several decades and wars of armed conflicts. There is poverty, hunger, and disease. Words of the politicians on peace are just empty phrases; the country continues to suffer a civil war. Children cannot play or go to school... Afghanistan was formerly independent, with a free, elected government, that government was not in fact dependent on foreign powers. The United States participate in the military campaign in this country along with many other states. Initially it appears that the U.S. campaign is successful; however, their plans fail in the long term. In the period from 2008 to 2012 the U.S. gradually withdraws from Afghanistan and will have to admit defeat.

* * *

In the eight month of 2002 the east and the south of Germany will be affected by floods, which will extend to surrounding countries. As a result there is a increase of the level of many rivers in eastern and southern Germany, so they flow out of their shores. Floods come quickly and unexpectedly, causing considerable damage and destroying houses, bridges and communications. Many people lose their homes and large parts of their property. However, due to the solidarity of other populations and the rapid action of their offices, the consequences of the flooding will not be too dramatic. It will take two to three years to fix the damage.

On the eleventh day of the third month of 2004 in the capital of Spain there are several attacks using explosives. The aim of the attacks will be urban vehicles. More than 200 people will die and several thousand will be injured.

* * *

In the last month of 2004, South East Asia will be affected by a huge disaster. Under the west of Sumatra island sea bed there is a strong earthquake. This earthquake causes a huge flood wave, which propagates to large coastal areas of Sumatra, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and even East Africa. It kills more than two hundred thousand people among them many foreigners, including from Europe. However, most affected will be the local population. Millions of people climb on the roofs with all their assets. The report on this disaster however causes a wave of solidarity throughout the world and the affected area starts receiving aid-money in kind donations and rescue teams of doctors.

But the submarine earthquake against the coast of Sumatra will only be the first in a number of disasters, which in coming decades will affect not only Asia but also other parts of the world.

* * *

One week after some religious holidays of one of the two main Christian churches (i.e. Easter) the leader of the Church dies, having ruled for more than twenty years. (Pope John Paul II. actually died on 2 April 2005, one week after the Easter holidays.) His death will cause great sadness among the believers of this church, but also other religions show how much respect they acquired for this man. The new leader will be in office surprisingly quickly, and lead the church forward in the same spirit of the late predecessor. The new main representative of the Church will come from Germany and his name will be "Blessed", and he shall remain in the highest office for about eight years."


The palm leaf manuscripts also prophesy that there is a wave of terrorist attacks in Europe, on an unseen scale.

"The future of Europe speaks of a general disillusionment. People will elect new leaders, but they will be no better than their predecessors. The gap between the rich minority and the poor majority will continue to deepen and show up at a faster pace. More and more people will be without work. Their work will be done by machines. This will apply to all European countries and to some extent be a global problem. Generally people will be burdened by greater burden of taxes. On the contrary, owners of large factories and shops will have continuously growing profits and will do what they want, living as in a fairy tale.

The simple people will be seen as slaves and the new factories will be established only where it will be possible to pay the hungry low wages and the local rulers will receive rich gifts. Ordinary citizens will afford less and less and will be satisfied with the cheap mass entertainment the institutions offer. They listen to music, watch ‘TV’ and play ‘computer games’. (Terms interpreted.)

Mass entertainment will be aimed at providing minimum values. People will be presented a kind of virtual reality so they forget how bleak the world in which they live is, and to make their daily life - filled with worries - tolerable. People will pay attention to what will be free fun for them, to what is really important for them. This keeps them in a gross materialism. And the magic of illusion will celebrate victory. As a result, a worsening situation will continue, making people uncertain – many will realize that the system in which they live ceases to function properly.

This will start major changes. Many people will lose perspective and use violence, totally focused on material values and looking backwards instead of forwards. They will complain of better times past and for them the future will appear completely hopeless. There is a call for a strong ruler who would eradicate all wickedness and punish the perpetrators.

* * *

There will be protests of people generally, mainly in large cities against the politics of the governments and the powerful captains of industry. First it appears that these protests have the intended effect on the political leaders; finally however, it will be just a false impression. The situation will further deteriorate and governments will begin to lose control and ensure safety and public order. The economic situation will get worse as immigrant people come to Europe in large numbers from other parts of the world, fleeing from crop failures, famine,& civil war.

The crisis deepens since in the U.S. and in Europe money will lose its value fast. This will result in wrong economic and financial policies - based on a fake basis ‐ on the assumption of continuous economic growth. Influential circles in the U.S. and Europe believe that the world has been governed by the selfish for decades, benefitting greedy people.

The U.S. financial system collapses. The U.S. will no longer be able to pay its employees. This will lead to a chain response and chaos in the society as a whole. Many shops, factories and banks will become bankrupt, more and more people will be without work, and thus without livelihoods.

In cities there will be social unrest and looting, and armed gangs in the countryside. People will die. The government tries to get the situation under control, deploying its army; however it succeeds only partially. The economic situation leads to conditions that will resemble a civil war.

Then a military force from a friendly country from the north maintains order again. The riots will be the largest since the Civil War in the 19th century, but north and south will not fight against each other, but the east and west United States. The decline of the U.S. economy and the depreciation of the U.S. currency seriously hits Europe, in particular Germany, which is largely dependent on exports. Inflation in Europe reaches proportions as in the United States, and its implications, especially for poorer sectors of the population, are catastrophic. Many people will live in real poverty. In big cities in Europe unrest breaks out, there will be looting and the aim of the attacks of the discontented crowds will be the public buildings and offices.

The situation however is not as dramatic as in the U.S. because in Europe the private possession of weapons is not so widespread. The police and army maintain the situation fairly intact. As a contrast, in America, soldiers and police go without payment, and will often revolt. In European capitals there is a storm, whose targets are mostly foreigners who have settled in the past. Very violent fights break out in Paris, Rome, Madrid, London and Prague. In Rome, people attack and occupy the seat of the Catholic Church. The Pope initially manages to flee, but later falls into the hands of rebels who trap him.

The riots in Europe continue up to the intervention of Russian and Chinese troops, which will be solicited by European governments, as they will not be able to keep control. Least affected countries will be Russia, China and India, because their economic systems are mutually supportive.

* * *

After this period the situation will be calmer, but only seemingly. There will be new challenges and immediate dangers. While war will be avoided, a changing climate becomes an acute threat. The average annual temperature continues to increase. The Gulf current, which brings billions of tonnes of tropical waters to the north areas, begins to lose strength and changes its direction. This will be due to the fact that the Atlantic Ocean gets huge quantities of fresh sweet water from the melting polar ice, as well as Antarctic Ice. As a result of this climate changes, there will be in the U.S. a disastrous drought affecting its south; while in China in some areas there will be extensive floods. Scandinavia transforms into an ice desert, while coastal countries will be threatened by rising sea level such as Netherlands & Bangladesh.

After 2018, another strange disease will kill hundreds of thousands of human lives in U.S., Europe, Asia. The infected person easily gets ill by normal diseases such as colds as their organism is unable to deal with them, so Death usually arrives within three days. (Ganeshbabu Sastri called the disease by an English acronym RISC ‐ Rapid Immune System Collapse). In most cases the disease causes death.

After 2023 in Europe, some African refugees bring a fatal disease called ‘Kunu’. Weak people get a high fever and their internal organs cease to work in a few days. The sickness will be deadly and will spread as fast as flu. Internal organs get affected, especially the heart and liver and the infected person dies within a week. This disease is transmitted by animal feed (GM?).

As Central European countries will not have enough sufficient strategic stocks, the authority rulers decide to deploy lethal gases in order to reduce the population. The overcrowding as a result of the influx of immigrants from all over the world, becomes a large problem and the political leaders will considered it the main cause of existing problems. Especially Great Britain will widely use gas thanatos (?) to bring a quick and painless death.

However, due to the extensive cooling of the earth's atmosphere, due to the collapse of Gulf Stream and the glaciation of large areas of North America and Scandinavia, it will take several years for the Gulf current to start to circulate again. Millions of hungry refugees will leave their homes and seek asylum in richer countries. These events occur from 2029 to 2034. Ice storms will slash areas of northern Europe, devastating storms and floods affecting coastal states. Forests will die, low areas of the coast of Northern and the Baltic Sea freeze and become a tundra. Dramatic changes in climatic conditions throw nations and their governments into a desperate situation. A lack of fuel will erode progressive international cooperation and peace agreements. Again armed conflicts break out, all continents will be desolated by a war of raw materials and foodstuffs. Within a few years the world is on the edge of total anarchy. Countries with unstable governments like Pakistan are in a desperate struggle for raw materials and foodstuffs will be tempted to use its nuclear arsenal.

Yet in the years when the world is affected by natural disasters and political confusion, epidemic diseases will break out again - diseases considered already eradicated. Millions of people fall victim as a result of poor sanitary conditions resulting from civil war, raging epidemics of plague and cholera. Global climate change in turn causes health problems of another kind, especially in Africa and Asia but also in some areas of Europe, where more intense solar radiation produce human and animal skin diseases and tumours.

* * *

The biggest disaster. although unnoticed by astronomers, a planet will approach close to our planet from the depths of space. This asteroid, whose path in space enters our solar system between Earth and the Moon, will just miss Earth. Several days before the asteroid becomes visible in the sky to the naked eye. The gravitational force causes many earthquakes and massive flooding: California will be affected by its largest earthquake in its entire history. Also Japan and China will be affected by strong earthquakes and large parts these countries will be covered by ocean water. Earthquakes will also affect Europe, mostly Germany, England and the Mediterranean area. Over the coast of Northern and Baltic Sea there is a huge flood wave. In Bohemia a volcano wakes up to life, considered long ago extinct. Its eruptions will spread far and wide. During the eruption there will also be released large amounts of volcanic and poisonous gas, clouds of condensate rain and the land will become very corrosive. As a result of these wounds, millions of people will be killed. In affected areas of Central Europe large part of cities will be destroyed.

Immediately after this disaster, those who survive will be cleaning up and doing disinfection work, as it will be necessary to remove mountains of corpses and human and animal carcasses to avoid new epidemics. There will be a large demand for daily necessities that were destroyed or lost due to natural disasters. The climate changes in Central Europe will stay permanently. The average annual temperature will remain high and the snow in winter will be only in mountainous areas. For agriculture the change will be advantageous, there will be richer harvest, and yields will increase.

The tectonic activity changes the face of the whole Earth. Some coastal areas and islands will disappear permanently below the level of the seas and oceans. Japan will be particularly affected, plus California, the east coast of North America and certain areas of England. At the same time, new land will emerge from the water of the Atlantic ocean. Economic rehabilitation will take place relatively quickly. However the brake on progress will be the lack of primary energy sources, as many of the raw materials will not be easily available.

Between the years 2019 and 2046 a number of despotic rulers in European countries come to power because of the wishes of the people. Initially people will help themselves at the expense of others, and the public authorities will not be able to help. Only when the situation becomes completely hopeless will the people realize that they can survive only if there is cooperation amongst all. With the continuing disintegration of values and social structures, positive social change in Europe does not appear until mutual assistance and solidarity between families and communities become the distinct characteristics of the new age.

After this, the economy starts to recover. At that time in Europe a new society will be formed, based on the personal freedom of individuals, in turn linked to the needs of society. People will learn a lesson from recent events and become aware that selfish motives endanger the very existence of the whole community. A new society will spread from the Atlantic coast to the east coast of Asia. Each of the areas, however, retain their own characteristics. All regional matters will be decided by local governments without having to wait for the authorization of a remote authority. The new constitution will guarantee all citizens of an Eurasian Union, external safety and internal sovereignty.

The economic base of the new society will be a non‐interest financial system, which will be tested and then permanently established in year 2048. The prosperity of the new society will be maintained by the use of a particular kind of an alternative energy source. This source was discovered in Europe and studied the beginning of the 20th century, but its practical application worldwide comes now. This energy will be named after its discoverer. This energy does not harm the environment as previously-used energy sources. It will also be available to almost an unlimited extent and its use will be free. Soil and water resources will not be kept as private properties. People will realise that no one can claim proprietorship for something that was already existing.

However, everyone will have the right to have of a house, whether bought or built.

2049 people will know that they are not alone in the universe. Repairing the damage caused by natural disasters in Europe and the Middle East, artefacts will be found which will clearly demonstrate their extraterrestrial origin. This discovery will have far‐reaching impact on religious and philosophical systems.

The period from 2049 bears signs of a new beginning, a spiritually‐oriented age: the forthcoming golden age will be known by the names Satya‐yuga, Gaura‐yuga or Prema‐yuga."