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Two prophecies that hold great significance :

GIZA CONTACT ……… Wednesday 23rd June 2004

It was 2.30am. After a wonderful dinner we were having coffee on the 5th floor balcony of our dear friend Fergany’s house overlooking the Giza pyramid which at this time was in total darkness. There were 4 of us sitting enjoying the cool air.

Suddenly I had a powerful telepathic communication, it was a huge mental push I couldn’t ignore. The message was loud and clear ‘take a photo now’ and without a flicker of concern I said to Andrew, “get the camera please - we have to take some photos right now.” It was pitch dark yet I refused to be ridiculed; he noted the urgency in my voice and we rushed to the edge of the balcony for him to take 3 or 4 photos pointing towards the pyramid, whilst telling me there was nothing to see but darkness!

On our return to the UK when looking at the photos on the computer a number of energy Orbs showed up. One in particular was a large bright golden energy and I began receiving a telepathic communication saying that he was the ‘Overseer’. It was so strong that I knew to accept the message - I had had evidence on many occasions previously and knew to trust.

Since studying and enlarging the ‘golden orb’ I have felt almost a continuum of communication rather like a pressure laid to bear on me. Until I eventually made the time to sit and hear with a note pad and pen in hand in the garden. I soon found myself madly writing all that was being transmitted, and the transcript goes as follows, I have changed nothing:

‘Well before you people knew, there was a man, tall with long hair, who came and told us of the past world. How it was and how it died. We could not understand what he spoke of: -

He said they had failed through their own desires of power, creating two tribes – both rose up to take out the other, and catastrophe took place. Some foresaw the error of events and he included – left earth for safer planets. They colonised in those places. And he told us. He would visit again. He said over many years his forebears would come and keep check on the key portals, for it was vital for the stability of this Universe. Contact was forbidden but for the chosen ones, which there would always be NINE.

We asked from where He had come. He gave us the colonies and said we could make contact through the co-ordinates at these sites they had left us. As was laid on earth so it was above the ground – in the heavens.

The sites were also NINE, and existed as did ours. But ours was to be called GIZA and was the leader. Geniuses would come from across the globe to connect here and learn to take the learning to their own. But the truth could not be told beyond the adept Masters who existed on earth under the NINE.

The NINE are the configuration of 9 colonies – these are planets as you know them, where they all exist.

They shall not interfere with the people of earth until – unless the darkness befalls the mind of men.

His forebears will visit, and communicate when the messengers are ready and in place, to pass on the knowledge.

He said, your kingdom has such beauty, un-requited. Enjoy the fruits of this land and in all things have love in your heart and soul.

His name was Atum.

There is only one great gem for your being to be remembered, you could say it is the gem of existence. It shall not be revered, because the people of darkness would desire its control. It is a crystal and it is for the people misunderstood. Yet it is, and again in time to come, future times, the greatest transmitter , the greatest fuel, the greatest enhancer of all things, including your mind and body.

We endeavoured for years, years went in to centuries, leaders came and went, each told of a story, each abused the truth. No idea, no knowledge of the true message. They left a mystery around their lives, as inscribed in stone – this was nothing of the truth, the true knowledge as we know – it was only their desire to be honoured.

Students came from across the globe – adept ones, who we gave some knowledge, they learnt and went to the other places. They too had to hide any revelation of knowledge, they had schools of thought for the chosen few, but it died leaving few pieces of understanding which the people look to, to this day.

It was agreed these records would tell this story, and it shall be told to the people who survive the next quake. In the year 2018. It is after the worst has taken place.

In the years 2003 and 2004 – the dark ones will remove my words, and will not share this knowing, not even use it wisely, so restrictive is their consciousness in mind. On this very day they have removed the last of 3 philes, and still they will not understand.

Share this and more and I shall speak directly over the time require. And during this time the forebears of Atum will come and speak with you. But hear me, release all our souls and you shall receive the message. At this time your recordings shall be mush, and your cameras shall freeze when they come – it shall be at the third site, it was laid in the third century with the blue stone crystal.’

Angela Donovan 


Edgar Cayce spoke of Russia’s role as being the ‘hope of the world’ in a coming time:

“In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” (Edgar Cayce, 1944, No. 3976-29)

When asked in 1932 about future political and economic trends in Europe, he said:

"Europe is as a house broken up. Some years ago there was the experience of a mighty peoples being overridden for the gratification and satisfaction of a few, irrespective of any other man’s right. That peoples are going through the experience of being born again, and is the thorn in the flesh to many a political and financial nation in Europe, in the world…"