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Other Conscious Energies Caught on Camera

 Margaret and her husband Jim sent me the following 3 photos. It was only when Margaret got the photos back that they saw more than they expected! 

By the very size and quality of this energy field it has the ability to manifest in unison with our consciousness.

The Robin often acts as an a messenger between the Spirit Realm and our physical dimension, hence what you see above - a great example  

A Spook in the Souk

Look at the above picture. It was taken by me while Andrew and I were having coffee at Fishawy's Restaurant, Khan-al-Khallilli, Cairo, Egypt - a famous landmark that has stayed open continuously for some 300 years whether in war or peace. Even Napoleon is supposed to have supped there! Now look at the two energies, one at high level and the other looking out from behind the doorway. So who's looking at who here?

This picture is another good example of a spirit forming. Some are ghost-people who have died and left their physical bodies but have not yet gone through the dimensional shift. They are therefore still in existence around the living in the form of energy. Unfortunately the field of energy that they exist in is a negative field to us and can only be seen or felt as grey and creepily cold.

Ghosts are especially evident when the area is a highly charged electromagnetic field, and can be seen in complete form to those who are tuned into the 'Code A' frequency mentioned earlier. This extreme field has a notable effect on paranormal investigative equipment but be aware, ghosts can feed off the life-field we all possess and it is that that assists them to take complete form and be 'seen'.

Here's another. This one was taken by Sara whilst she was on holiday in the USA. It was one of 6 photos taken in quick succession and the only one manifesting this energy. Look closely, can you see a lady waving?


Spirit-orbs are people who have died, left their physical bodies and taken the dimensional shift but unlike ghosts they are literally free spirits and therefore have the ability to come through to our dimension at will. This is usually with the intention of making contact with a living person, or to be party to an occasion or to celebrate with a person or people they have known.

What Sensitives can see quite naturally when functioning on the correct brain frequency is now being captured more readily on digital cameras. To some it might seem strange that the space around them could actually hold another life-field - a dimension on top of a dimension. Just imagine the number of people 'hanging around' who were living in our world and are now in another reality and yet still existing.... and even more amazing if you realise most are endeavouring to make contact with us to let us know

The more we can receive their thought-wave transmissions, the greater our knowledge will be. And when we have refined this new technology to tune-in and capture the complete picture on a two-way transmission and receiver screen, it will be a truly wonderful thing. Imagine those who wish to quickly make an appointment to do just that, using what I have nicknamed the 'TR Screen Room' to communicate with loved ones who have passed over. Won't that be amazing?

Soon it will be, but not just yet.