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A 'medium' receives information by way of telepathic thought waves and imagery. Whilst being 'tuned-in' to the perfect frequency (which Angela names 'Code A') it naturally offers the possibility to see through the veil into other dimensions beyond time and space.

A true medium can also hear sounds and voice beyond that of most other people, and of a higher frequency. All animals and mammals are naturally attuned to this and so ordinarily stay free from the 'mental clutter' that continuously bombards most of humanity.


A dimensional shift naturally takes place at the moment of physical death. It can only be blocked by an extreme thought to stay in this dimension, whether due to the suddenness and shock of death, not having said all you wished to or through intense feelings of sadness or anger at your demise. 

Each of us has the responsibility for their own soul's journey through our many lives and deaths, although there are those who have gone over before who stand in wait for the one they know at the moment of the 'shift' to help with the journey.

* * *


Those who have left their physical body for the other side can and do communicate. This has been happening throughout this civilisation. The information received by way of messages leaves no shadow of doubt that 'we' still exist in the afterlife and hold an ability and awareness way beyond those living, as demonstrated by:

- Receiving specific information that you personally did not know at the time without checking with others  

- Being given accurate information about a happening ahead in time that then takes place

- A message by way of a warning, in advance of time.

* * *


Spirituality is the 'golden thread of each soul' that runs through all humanity. It can be felt and acknowledged, or dismissed as nothingness. When it is lost, stifled or warped, negative issues appear as a powerful force against the very heart of our existence.

Angela believes it is the essence of spirituality that gives us an awareness of our soul's journey, a link between all living things, the 'knowing' that love is boundless in its capacity for caring and sharing with others.

You may be one of a growing number who now have an eagerness to know more, are seeking a true identity through spirituality and wishing to learn how to activate the power lying dormant within. Why? Because you always believed there was more. And this is extremely good news, for NOW is the time to do it and let it benefit your life and those around you. The positive power you unleash will make a significant difference to everyone you come in contact with due to the 'cause and effect' ripples spreading ever outwards.

We have now entered a time when thanks to the Internet speaking out and sharing your spiritual personal views with like-minded people around the globe is not frowned upon, and makes all the difference in the world, to the world.

It is healthy to question. And if in doing so you search for more answers by seeking real evidence, then so much the better. But there's a gentle reminder: you need to learn and experience for yourself otherwise you will only be reinstating what your past education has already led you to believe. So learn to expand your thoughts outside that 'box', else you will never find the self-evidence you seek.

Of course there are those who will be too busy to waste time reading this. But it might just help friends, colleagues or spouses and make them smile. Too busy means they are looking to their futures, the future as they see it. Got to earn money, pay the bills... always thinking of themselves for tomorrow. Unfortunately that thinking is based on tomorrow being here already, even yesterday, and in the current climate it won't be, leastways not as it has been for the past 50 years.

For these people it will take a great storm in their own backyard to give them the shock they'll need to alter their 'scripts'. The good news is that it's just through that kind of event that they'll have the chance to make their big shift and start living 'today' instead - in today, for today, and so helping create an even greater awareness for those around them.

* * *


A spiritual mentor works without any judgement or attachment to a given situation or outcome by teaching an open spirituality - in other words without the workings or rules of any one religion and by giving a positive outlook and understanding that we all have a journey, are all at different stages of living and that the quest for knowledge can only be 'sourced' and understood when the individual seeker openly requests such information.

* * *


The TIME is NOW if all of us are to make a difference to our lives. And just as importantly, how to get involved in what is going on in our world around us and understand the amazing things that happen when we die and how each of us can best help those who pass over suddenly or in great shock or trauma.

The power of our thoughts transmits way beyond our bodies, just like radio waves, and can and does benefit those your thoughts are sent to whether they are dead or alive - a moment of positive thought, sent with your love, can be received by them in a nanosecond.

So if someone you know or love has recently suddenly or unexpectedly died, they could well be suffering greater shock than the shock you're suffering at their loss. And while you can receive help and succour from friends and family, what about them? In such instances Angela strongly recommends you take a moment out and, with all the enthusiasm and passion you can muster, send them your loving thoughts with these words -

'I ask for him/her/them to be given guidance to the doorway of Light and beyond, to realise the freedom of Existence'.