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Angela's Recommended Links - Websites that can make a real difference to People, Animals and Life in general:


For those seeking somewhere that is absolutely charming, friendly and reasonably priced when visiting London, click on:  

   The Art of Hosting in the home, be it friends, family or for paying guests

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Since 1994, Canine Health Concern (CHC) has been exposing the truth about the influence of big business on pets. We all want our pets to live long and healthy lives, so visit this important site to find expert advice from Catherine O'Driscoll as to what you can do to help them do just that: 

Complementary Healthcare Therapies

As Catherine O'Driscoll says, dogs, cats and horses don't have the vocal chords to speak out loud with humans, but that doesn't mean they're not thinking or have nothing to say. All of us talk without words with the people or animals we love: mind to mind. And animals can teach us much about their health.

The truth is that most diseases in dogs (along with other domestic animals, and humans) are caused by malnutrition. Processed food leads to chronic starvation. Go back to Nature however, and you'll see many illnesses clear up.

Log on to Catherine's site to read more

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This is a site no one can afford to miss or overlook if they wish to be consciously aware and think outside the matrix. Find out what is really going on above, on and beneath the surface of our world....

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Adding savoury deliciousness and the most wonderful spice to Life one meal and one recipe at a time - get the complete guide to the Chef's great secrets and the very best in home-cooking from renowned restaurateur, author and food entrepreneur Laura Santtini.

Laura shares all the secrets of her fabulously flavoursome cuisine - just click on to discover more and change your taste-buds and life forever...

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Relationship Coach for Women

Do you long to understand where your relationship stands?

Gain clarity in your relationship by getting your relationship assessed. By answering a few simple questions Anna can assess where you are and what your next step could be in moving past pain to the other side.

For Relationship Coaching that Empowers Feminine Wisdom, visit:

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Visiting New York, or need a world-class intuitive counsellor while you're in the USA?

Look no further - Tony is the right man for you. No one can tell it like he does! Make sure you contact him on:

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What if everything's just fine? Are you exactly where your Soul expects or wants you to be?

Conscious Living and Dying ; The Medicine Dance ; Are we truly alone or not 'out there'?

Find out what Colin and his guests have to say on these and the many other intriguing subjects he airs and discusses in his regular e-zine by clicking onto:

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Energy Medicine is simple, organic, natural, instinctive, safe, easy, quick and inexpensive. Anyone can do it and benefit from it. It's a way of simply recalling, of remembering an ancient wisdom buried deep inside us.

The human body is an unparallelled machine, designed to heal itself. Energy Medicine encourages the 'inner healer' within each of us to reach higher levels of effectiveness. Using oriental concepts of 'meridian' energy, chakra energies and energy exercises to keep the body in balance,

Madison shows how Energy Medicine can naturally strengthen the immune system and properly utilise the 'electrics' of the body, so motivating people to take responsibility for their health and well-being and make appropriate changes to their lifestyles and allow them to reclaim power and control.

Madison King practices and teaches in Southern Spain, Central London, the USA and around the world. Visit her website on:

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Kate Kunkel is a harpist, and while she's happy to entertain with the soothing strains of this most magical instrument, it is her true gift and calling to use her harp to compose your own personal music, a portal which can help you find your own place of peace and healing.

The soothing tones and rich vibrations of this historic instrument convey healing frequencies in a pure and soothing manner, putting you in a state where your own power to rejuvenate, to heal and to tap into your creative energy can come through.

With the compositions Kate creates using the Ancient Code of Tones, you can experience your connection to the Akashic records, to the great stream of consciousness and your own inner power that holds the key to making all your wishes come true! Find Kate on:

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Jayme Galba is a talented and exciting young musician from Byron Bay in Australia who writes, plays, sings, records and produces his own work with guidance from the Source. Here is a link to one of his recent works:


Angela Donovan is not responsible for the content of any of the above sites, nor for the information provided on this page. Further information of any claims made by such sites or enquiries regarding the information they hold should be made direct to the sites themselves. This links page is intended solely to provide sources of other information for readers to access for their own purposes.