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Your Lifecast Chart

Know your true talents to achieve your life's purpose

Lifecast is the most exciting site Angela has devised to date for everyone to benefit from and enjoy for a minimal cost. A personal Lifecast Chart (see below) is the key to creating the greatest success, achievement, happiness and wealth in your life.

* * *

Your Lifecast Chart confirms your true identity - your character traits, your greatest abilities, your strengths and weaknesses. It tells you the career and lifestyle that you're most suited to in order to benefit life positively for your wellbeing, satisfaction and fulfilment.

It also tells you how your name can greatly enhance all areas of your life when running on the same frequency as your day of birth and, if it doesn't, what you can do about it.


To have a personal LifeCast Chart prepared

for £28.00

Please use the Contact Page to send Angela the following details:

1. Your name.

(i.e. the name you use formally on paper, in your career, for business meetings, social events and for all introductions outside your home. This does not include middle names - those you wouldn't normally use unless applying for a passport, marriage licence etc.)


2. Your date of birth.

(i.e the day/month/year - in that order).

(Note: it doesn't have to be your details - it can be your partner's or your new-born baby's details instead.)

As soon as Angela has received the details you will receive a PayPal invoice. On receipt of payment the Lifecast Chart will then be prepared and forwarded to you as an email attachment - please allow a reasonable period of time as Angela likes to spend a good while on each!