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With 'The Wish' the power of your thought creates, expands and manifests your wishes.

'The Wish' gives you the answer and to many more: learn how to let go of self-doubt and use your words and thoughts in powerful new ways. 'The Wish' gives you the tools to uncover the real you.

Visualise moving your Wish out there into the Cosmos :

'The Wish' clearly has the power to boost and energise your life anew


Every once in a while a life-changing book comes along....

"I was recently made redundant and wanted to change careers. And I was single and wanted a partner. Within two weeks I found I was talking to three different companies about international projects, and within days I met a man. To me The Wish is far more empowering than any other course I've done. I couldn't believe how quickly things changed." (Kathy, London)

It's time to make your wishes a reality. 'The Wish' is a wake-up call to ignite the blazing power that exists deep within you. In unique and refreshing ways, Angela stimulates your greatest potential towards self-empowerment to create your wishes and fulfil whatever is missing in your life today, and help you overcome your deepest fears and anxieties - the very things that are holding you back and preventing you from making your longed-for dreams reality.

     "The Wish blew me away. I was so impressed. It all fell into place for me: it was like this missing piece of the puzzle. Its awesome. 'The Wish' is so much more powerful than anything else out there." (Richard Mucci, Matrix TV, LA)

'The Wish' will show you how to increase your energy levels and return to a more innocent state where you truly believed in 'wishes' and in your power to make them happen. By finding your unique passions and talents and learning how to make them work for you, Angela shows you how to uncover the dreams and wishes that are right for you and make them come true.

'I'm half way through 'The Wish' and have just done the Soul Test. Wow!! I can't believe it!! It's amazing!!'' (Farrah, Perth)

'I just can't put The Wish down. I have been asking for a little help and support, and for some direction, and its funny how this book landed on my lap at the perfect time ... I've only been reading it the past three days and my boss asked me yesterday what was going on and if I was pregnant as I'm glowing ... that just made me smile. I especially love the 'soul test' - that just blew me away.' (Jess, London)

'This book is fantastic! I can't wait to tell everyone to buy a copy.... now is the right time, all this self help being do-able in one book ... how good is that... WOW! (Lucille, Sydney)

'The Wish' is published by Allen & Unwin, Australia and can be ordered online at

or in the UK by Hodder & Stoughton online at

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Angela shares the Secrets of Psychic Success in this phenomenal book. She answers any questions readers may have about what it means to be psychic and explains how to fast-track the development of their own psychic powers in ways that are fun but safe. Readers will discover what it means to be psychic and the skills and tools involved, such as telepathy, hearing messages from the living and the dead, psychometry (holding objects to uncover their and their owner's history) and remote viewing. They will also discover the secrets of related subjects such as reincarnation, spiritual integrity and the true meaning of destiny.

With sound advice and practical encouragement, Angela shows how you, too, can enjoy the secrets of psychic success.

"With this book you have chosen to open up an immense power lying dormant within you. It is unique and dynamic. The minute you start reading it will begin to create a tremendous shift in your thoughts and perceptions, giving you a growing, positive power that will rub off on everyone around you."

The 'Secrets of Psychic Success' is published by Rider and can be ordered online at

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How does it feel to find out that your future and your soul's true mission have been documented in detail on an ancient palm-leaf? Angela found it a deeply uplifting experience, but for her husband Andrew it was a life-changing moment that left him reeling, his lifelong skepticism challenged and destroyed. In India for a wedding, the Donovans stumbled across the Naadi palm-leaf readers and made the shocking discovery that our lives have been determined and mapped out centuries before.

This book covers their journey to the Naadis, who pass down predictions recorded in Sanskrit on palm leaves millennia ago. It tells spiritually-minded and skeptical readers alike how to find the Naadis for themselves and gives an inspiring glimpse into one of the greatest mystical secrets of India - the hidden oracle. 

Profiled in 'Nexus' Magazine, 'Soul & Spirit' and 'Asian Bride', you can also click on to listen to what they both have to say about their Naadi experience, as well as on

Published by 'O Books' and available worldwide, go to or to order your copy