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It is utterly shocking that the real truth about life and death has been swept under the carpet, so to speak. The majority of people on this planet are living and dying in total ignorance of the greater truth about death.

There was bound to be a moment in my life when I felt compelled to speak out on all I have learnt through self-evidence on the hundreds if not thousands of people I have met before and after death. Due to my encounters I have done extensive research on the subject, the best of which goes back over a hundred years. To my amazement I found a small number of learned individuals who wrote on the subject long ago, and their knowledge was in keeping with my experiences.

Did I need to justify myself? Not really, as I have kept copious notes on my communications: all I have seen and heard on my regular travels to other Realms of existence. I have benefited from direct knowledge over many years. There is no better way than self-evidence, as everything else is mimicry.

Perhaps the most horrifying issue which has been going on throughout this civilisation are the vast number of ‘people’ who have become stuck after death. By request I have been involved in assisting numerous cases worldwide where dead people have been terrifying the living and causing havoc in their quest for acknowledgement that ‘they’ are still here, often traumatised and angry. Put quite simply they are ‘earth-bound’.

The following are significant points to enhance your overall knowledge:

1 THE SOUL. The soul begins its life journey in the womb and is fully ensconced in the growing physical body on or before 3 years old.

2 PHYSICAL BODY. A vessel for a life-time whilst on earth.

3 ETHERIC BODY. Surrounds and encases the physical body as an essential protective field between the physical and astral bodies. The Etheric matter comes from the mother whilst in the womb. It retains all the physical body’s experiences during life. It can be scanned by adept people and specific photographic technology.

[NDE’s: The Etheric body can be displaced from the physical body quite suddenly in cases known as Near Death Experiences, or NDE’s. This mostly occurs during a surgical procedure that is dangerous to the physical body but can also take place after a sudden shock from a serious accident or an attempted suicide, whereby the Etheric body is shot out without warning. The person finds themselves out-of-body and conscious, able to see and hear, and quite calmly is able to watch over their physical body noting all that is taking place.

Some are met by a loving friend or family member or an overseeing higher soul who telepathically impresses upon them that ‘it is not their time’ - they must go back to their physical body and complete their life-journey.

Others are attracted to the lower Astral Realms where they experience some terrifying encounters. Often the shock of this realisation shoots them back into their physical body, whereupon they announce their desire to become religious.

In most NDE cases shared, their wish to assist humanity becomes foremost in their lives and often shed any desire for materialism.]

4 ASTRAL BODY. A subtle body attached to the Physical and Etheric bodies by a magnetic cord of etheric matter held via the heart centre allowing unconscious (at times conscious) out- of-body travel during sleep.

5 DEATH. Upon death the etheric body finally withdraws from the denser physical body and may be seen as a violet mist, gradually condensing into the physical shape. This counterpart is attached to the body of the expiring 

person by a glistening magnetic thread, which snaps or breaks off at the moment of death.

6 AFTER DEATH. The etheric layer disentangles itself from the dense physical matter, drawing itself into the heart region round the permanent atom. The atom then rises from the third ventricle on to the brain, and finally out of the physical body.

7 FIRST STAGE. When the etheric body finally leaves the physical body, it often floats over it. In this condition it sometimes appears to those who are closely linked by being in proximity as a cloudy figure, one that is very dully conscious. This stage is usually followed by a short period of peaceful unconsciousness, whilst the etheric body withdraws its entanglement with the astral body. Some shake themselves free from the etheric shroud in a brief period, others rest within it for days or longer - unless disturbed by extreme distress or violent emotion coming from a person’s highly negative attitude in life.

I must add here that for those who do not believe there is anything after death, just ‘lights out’, those who do not recognise they have actually died as they still exist, or those who have died a sudden death and have absolutely no knowledge of after-death existence, they can find themselves suffering in a traumatic state with an inability to recognise what has happened and, being in total ignorance, cannot help themselves.

Some become stuck, ‘earth-bound’.

Some become prey to the lower Astral Realms and the entities that reside there. As an aside, this is a longer and more tricky subject for discussion, only for those who specifically request the information when ready to know.

8 2nd STAGE. During the withdrawal of the etheric and afterwards, the whole of the person’s life review passes swiftly, every forgotten moment of the memory yielding up its secrets, event by event. During this playback the person lives his or her whole life over again, seeing successes and failures, loves and hatreds, and perceives the predominant tendency of the whole (i.e. the ruling thought of the life that asserts itself) and so focuses on the region where the chief part of the after-life will be spent.

9 3rd STAGE. Those already in the Spirit Realm who have passed before and are linked either in the same soul group, or are family members or those who have had a close connection during the lifetime, willingly come forward, and I have often seen them (and communicated with them) at the bedside of a dying person, waiting for the moment of withdrawal lovingly to escort the new arrival safely to their home in the higher Realms.

As time passes, the Astral body gradually disengages from the Etheric, and the Etheric in its turn becomes an etheric corpse, which remains close to the dense physical body, and both disintegrate together. These etheric wraps can often be seen in churchyards or mortuaries, sometimes as a bluish/violet-white mist or floating greyish orb-lights, but often presenting an unpleasant visual appearance as they pass through various stages of decomposition.

It is worthy of note that one of the great advantages of cremation is that by destroying the dense physical body, the etheric body rapidly disintegrates as well.